First autonomous drainage maintenance system

DrainBot is the first autonomous system developed for the maintenance of tunnel drainage. Instead of the dominant hydro-mechanical cleaning (using high-pressure water jets), we apply mechanical cleaning to allow for removal and preventative maintenance of the drainage pipes. This allows us to completely remove the consumption of water from the process. In addition, instead of using fossil fuel for operating the machinery, DrainBot relies on electricity sourced from a redundant battery system included in the body of the robot. By providing the operator with an autonomous charging system, we ensure almost permanent operation ultimately enabling preventative and predictive maintenance of the tunnel drainage.

Our solution is currently suitable for implementation in railway and road tunnels. However, our experienced team will be able to adapt our system to your needs. Contact us and book an appointment with us to find out more.

tunnel drainage innovation

DrainBot is characterised as an autonomous system (i.e. independent on the human operator at site). While reducing cost of maintenance, this also reduces hazard for the employees as their time spent in the tunnel is reduced to zero. This also improves the profitability of tunnel operation through significant reduction in locking times. This prevents significant losses of revenue for the operator and on an annual basis improves profitability of ownership and operation of a tunnel. Since our system fits into the existing drainage pipes without any parts being located outside the drainage, it does not interfere with transportation of passengers and goods. Hence, operators can plan the revenue-generating activities in the tunnel throughout the year and irrespectively of the drainage maintenance.