Strong foundations

DrainBot GmbH has been established in 2019 in Graz, Austria where all our products are developed and manufactured. Gathered around professionals with decades of experience in engineering, innovation and tunnel maintenance, we are making sure to deliver high quality of our products and service for tunnel operators across geographies and sectors. Through partnerships with and support of several innovation leaders in Europe, we are continuously working on delivering even more value to our existing and future customers.

Our vision is simple. It is to enable more efficient, safer and more environment-friendly maintenance of tunnels through novel technologies. With focusing on the benefits for the operators of infrastructure and their customers, we will continue to deliver innovative, technology-based, sustainable solutions for tunnels.

Leading with innovation

Our first product is an autonomous, robotic system that uses a combination of several novel patented technologies to improve the safety of employees, passengers and transported goods while reducing the costs related to drainage maintenance in tunnels. Using an innovative method of removing sediment from the drainage it reduces the demand for resources and costs of drainage maintenance. In addition, it is fully electric and its energy consumption is marginal compared to other solutions. This makes it the most efficient and most suitable solution for maintenance of drainage systems in tunnels used for railway and road transportation.